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Trusted Debt Recovery Lawyers

No commission charged.  From demand letters to court representation, we champion your rights.

Tailored Debt Recovery Services

Results-Focused Debt Recovery Lawyers

Accelerated Outcome Approach

Navigating Debt Recovery Matters with Precision and Expertise

Unpaid invoices can be a major burden on your finances and peace of mind. Don't wait and let the issue escalate - take action now to increase your chances of successful debt recovery.


Studies have shown that delaying debt recovery efforts can make it increasingly difficult to recover outstanding funds. Time is of the essence in these situations - act sooner rather than later to maximise your chances of success.

Our legal professionals are here to assist creditors in quickly and efficiently recovering outstanding funds. Don't let payments continue to drain your resources.

Take advantage of our initial 10-minute free telephone consultation now and find out how our debt recovery lawyers can help you get back on track and increase your chances of recovery.

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Unpaid Debts Owed to You: Time to Take Action

Arida Lawyers are equipped with a skilled team of lawyers specialised in debt recovery, ready to provide you with comprehensive services, including:

Offering strategic legal advice on the practicality, commercial viability and likelihood of success in pursuing debt recovery proceedings.

Preparing Letters of Demand. 

Legal representation and litigation support in NSW Courts and Tribunals, including commencing legal proceedings.

Initiating enforcement proceedings, including:

  • Garnishee Orders

  • Examination of the judgment debtor

  • Writs of Execution

  • Writ for the Levy of Property

  • Writ for the Possession of Land

  • Bankruptcy proceedings

  • Winding Up proceedings

Take Immediate Action on Outstanding Debts: Start Your Debt Recovery with a Demand Letter from Arida Lawyers

Facing a Debt Recovery Claim?

Facing unjust debt recovery proceedings or Default Judgment? Secure your legal rights with Arida Lawyers. We are ready to defend you by:

Providing strategic legal advice on your prospects and formulating a defence strategy in response to the debt recovery demands.

Providing effective and strategic response letters to unjust or unfounded letters of demands.

Challenging an unjust Default Judgment entered against you by submitting an application to the relevant Court or Tribunal.

Providing strategic defence legal representation and litigation support in NSW Courts and Tribunals.


Client Testimonials

Hear what our satisfied clients have to say:

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