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Studies have shown that the longer you take to commence recovery proceedings, the more difficult it becomes to recover outstanding money. To increase your chances of recovery, we recommend you seek our services immediately after the date the invoice falls due.

Late payment of invoices can cause a significant strain on your cash flow and financial health. This may leave you focused on recovering outstanding money when you should be focused on generating income or your daily commitments. 

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Are you owed money?

Our team at Arida Lawyers are trained in debt recovery and offer the following services:

  1. Provide strategic advice on the commercial viability of commencing recovery action and your prospects of success.

  2. Draft and serve letter of demands. What is a letter of demand?

  3. Commence legal proceedings in the NSW jurisdiction.

  4. Commence enforcement actions such as:

  • Garnishee Orders

  • Examination of the judgment debtor

  • Writs of Execution

  • Writ for the levy of property

  • Writ for the possession of land

  • Writ for delivery of goods

  • The bankruptcy of an individual

  • Winding up a company

Is there a claim against you?

A third party may have unjustly commenced legal recovery proceedings or obtained default judgment against you. Arida Lawyers will defend you by offering the following services:

  1. Provide strategic advice on your legal standing and prospects of defending the demands.

  2. Respond to letters of demand.

  3. Make an application to the Court to set aside the default judgment.

  4. Draft and serve a defence.

  5. Defending the proceedings in Court.

  6. Recovery of legal costs and disbursements incurred.

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