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letter of demand


Letters of demand are prepared and issued on an Arida Lawyer's letterhead on the same day you submit your form!

how does it work?

Step 1

Complete the required fields in the form below and upload the supporting documents (invoices, correspondence etc). Then submit the form.

Step 2

A Lawyer will begin drafting your Letter of Demand and it will be issued to the debtor on the same day you submit your form. We will request the debtor make payment directly to you within 28 days!

Step 3

Should we receive a response within the 28 day notice period, we will provide the debtor's response to you at no additional charge.

Step 4

Should we receive no response after the 28 day notice period, we will contact you to confirm you have received payment of your debt. If you have not received payment, we will invite you to a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your next steps.


Key terms you need to know when completing the form

The Creditor is the person or organisation that is owed money.

The Debtor is the person or company that owes money to you. 

The Director is the individual listed as the director of the company seeking to recover their money and has the relevant authority to engage Arida Lawyers to act on the company's behalf. 

The Registered Address is the company's listed registered address on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission documents. If you do not have those details at present, the Debtors business address is sufficient for issuing a letter of demand.

For more information on the letter of demand, please see what is a letter of demand?

*The debt must be below $20,000. If the debt is over $20,000, please get in touch with our office. You must provide the supporting documents for the claimed debt. The Letter of Demand will only be issued via email. We charge a fee of $55.00 (inclusive of GST) to prepare and issue the Letter of Demand.  A copy of the Letter of Demand will be provided once emailed to the Debtor.

Please fill out the creditor's details below:

Please fill out the debtor's details below:

Please upload the supporting invoices

Upload File

Thank you for submitting your form! One of our Lawyers will now prepare and email the Letter of Demand.

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