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Understanding Consumer Guarantees for Services

Skillfully navigating competition & consumer law complexities concerning service agreements, ensuring balanced representation for individuals and businesses alike.

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Consumer Lawyers safeguarding your interests and rights.

At Arida Lawyers, we provide comprehensive legal services to both consumers and businesses, navigating the consumer guarantees contained in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) concerning services.


Our expertise ensures that our clients understand their rights and remedies available in instances where services mandated by the ACL are not met.


We are committed to protecting and advocating for the entitlements of our diverse clientele in the face of service deficiencies. Whether facing service shortfalls or ensuring compliance,  contact us today for a consultation to discuss your matter.

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Our Services

Arida Lawyers provides specialised legal support to both businesses and consumers confronted with defective services. Our expertise extends to claims involving breaches of service agreements and consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. Whether you are a business seeking redress for substandard service delivery or a consumer affected by inadequate service, we offer the strategic legal advice and representation necessary to protect your interests. We offer the following services:

Service Agreement Review: We review service agreements for businesses and consumers alike, pinpointing the duties and responsibilities each party is bound to. Our examination is geared towards identifying any deviations from these obligations and assessing potential breaches of both the contractual terms and the consumer guarantees set out by the Australian Consumer Law.


Strategic Legal Advice: We offer strategic legal advice to businesses and consumers on the nuances of defective service claims and breaches of consumer guarantees. Our legal advice is tailored to ensure that our clients are fully apprised of their legal entitlements, liabilities and the avenues available to them for redress.

Representation: In cases where there is a claim for defective services, our experienced lawyers act as strong advocates in pre-litigation negotiations. Our goal is to secure a resolution that avoids the need for further legal action, saving our clients time and resources.

Litigation Representation: If pre-litigation discussions do not yield a satisfactory resolution, we are positioned to provide unwavering representation in court or tribunal proceedings. Our advocacy focuses on protecting our clients' rights, whether they are businesses facing service delivery issues or consumers impacted by breaches of consumer guarantees.

Our Services

Understanding the Definition of a 'Consumer'

A consumer, within the scope of the Australian Consumer Law, carries a specific definition that is pivotal to the application of the legislation's protections. It refers to any individual or business that acquires goods or services, in trade or commerce,  priced at under $100,000. However, this threshold is not absolute. The term also encompasses those acquiring goods or services that exceed this statutory amount if they are of a type typically purchased for personal, domestic, or household use.


The above broad definition ensures that the Australian Consumer Law's safeguards extend to a wide range of transactions, thereby providing a comprehensive safety net that accommodates both everyday purchases and more substantial investments. This inclusive understanding of a 'consumer' underpins the legal recourse and remedies available when service guarantees under the ACL are not met.


Whether as an individual or a business, our team at Arida Lawyers are adept at navigating these protections to support our clients' rights and interests.

Definition of Consumer

Consumer Guarantees Explained

In order for the consumer guarantees to apply, the service must be provided in trade or commerce, a fundamental aspect of the Australian Consumer Law.


The Australian Consumer Law stipulates the below consumer guarantees to ensure that service providers uphold a high standard of service. These guarantees include:

Due Care and Skill: Services must be rendered with a level of skill and attention that a reasonable person would expect, reflecting professional competence and diligence.


Fitness for an Implied/Disclosed Purpose: Services should fulfil any particular purpose communicated by the consumer and acknowledged by the provider.


Reasonable Time for Supply: Completion of services should occur within a reasonable period of time with consideration provided to the nature of the service.


These above consumer guarantees are statutorily implied into each service agreement and cannot be contracted out of

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Consumer Guarantees Explained

Remedies under the ACL

The Australian Consumer Law provides a nuanced framework for remedies in response to service failures, differentiating between minor and major failures to ensure appropriate redress.

Minor Failures: When a service does not meet the expected standard but can be remedied within a reasonable period of time, it is classified as a minor failure. The law allows service providers the opportunity to rectify the issue, typically through repair, re-supply, or completion of the service. If the provider fails to resolve the matter within a reasonable or agreed period, the consumer may escalate the issue to seek alternative remedies.


Major Failures: A major failure occurs when the deficiency in service is so substantial that a reasonable consumer, fully aware of the service's shortcomings, would not have procured the service. Major failures also encompass situations where the service is significantly unfit for its specified and or implied purpose, cannot be rectified within a reasonable timeframe, or is unsafe. Under these circumstances, the consumer possesses the right to:

  • Reject the service and insist on a full refund or an equivalent replacement, if feasible.

  • Retain the service and receive compensation for the difference in value caused by the failure.

  • Terminate the service contract and obtain compensation for any consequential loss.


Consequential Losses: This term refers to the additional losses incurred as a direct result of a defective service. These losses can be financial, such as lost income or revenue, but may also include other damages. The Australian Consumer Law ensures that consumers can claim compensation for these losses, especially when the service provider has been forewarned that such losses could result from the failure to provide service as guaranteed.


It is important to note that the entitlement to remedies requires a clear causative link between the service failure and the consequential losses claimed. Consumers must be able to demonstrate that the losses were a foreseeable result of the service not being rendered as guaranteed.

In navigating these complex legal waters, our lawyers at Arida Lawyers provide strategic advice and representation to ensure that our clients can effectively enforce their rights under the ACL and secure the remedies to which they are entitled.


How Arida Lawyers Can Assist

At Arida Lawyers, our legal experience in the realm of the Australian Consumer Law extends to both pursuing and defending claims related to defective services. Our commitment is to provide a balanced, thorough, and strategic approach, whether advocating for consumers or businesses in legal matters. Here is an overview of our services in this area:

Evaluation of Service Failures: We conduct assessments of service failures in light of the Australian Consumer Law consumer guarantees. This process is crucial for both defending against unjustified claims and pursuing legitimate grievances. We determine the exact nature of the failure and its legal implications.


Determination of Failure Categories and Remedies: Our team is adept at identifying whether a failure is minor or major and advising on the consequent legal remedies. This is essential for formulating a defence strategy or pursuing appropriate redress, including repairs, replacements, refunds, or compensation.


Identifying Consequential Losses: We assist clients in both claiming and contesting consequential losses. This includes calculating and justifying financial losses or other damages directly resulting from defective services.


Legal Representation: We vigorously advocate for our client's rights, whether it involves seeking restitution and compensation for consumers or defending businesses against unfounded claims. Our approach is tailored to the unique circumstances of each case, ensuring the best possible outcome.


Navigating Contract Termination and Legal Procedures: Our expertise encompasses guiding clients through the complexities of contract termination, a critical aspect in cases of major service failures. We provide comprehensive advice on legal procedures, communication strategies, and compliance with the Australian Consumer Law, ensuring that our clients' interests are protected.


Whether representing a consumer seeking compensation for a service failure or a business defending against a claim, Arida Lawyers offers a balanced, professional, and strategic approach. Our understanding of both sides of defective service claims under the Australian Consumer Law ensures that we can provide effective, nuanced legal support tailored to the unique needs of each client. With Arida Lawyers, you have a knowledgeable and experienced partner in navigating the complexities of consumer law and service-related disputes.


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