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Motor Vehicle Collisions: Not At Fault Parties

Navigating the path to financial recovery after a motor vehicle collision can be an overwhelming process, especially when you're not at fault.


At Arida Lawyers, we understand the challenges you face in the wake of a motor vehicle collision and are committed to helping you navigate this difficult journey. As highly experienced solicitors in this area, we offer a professional, dedicated service that seeks to secure the best possible outcome for you.


We believe in fair access to legal representation. Therefore, for claims under $20,000, we offer 'No Win, No Fee' services*. This means that you do not pay our legal fees unless we successfully recover your losses. This offer does not include disbursements or out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the process of managing your case. These costs will be thoroughly explained and agreed upon before we proceed with your case.

We invite you to complete our Incident Details Form for a free case evaluation. This will help us understand your unique situation and determine the best course of action for your case.


Our Services

At Arida Lawyers, we are devoted to providing comprehensive legal assistance to those who have suffered losses as a result of motor vehicle collisions where they were not the at-fault party. Our services include:

Case Review: We thoroughly analyse the details of your case to ascertain the nuances of the incident. This involves an in-depth consideration of the circumstances leading to the accident, the parties involved, and who bears the fault.

Identifying Losses: Our team meticulously evaluates all facets of your losses incurred as a result of the collision. Our comprehensive review includes the costs of vehicle repairs or replacement if your vehicle is deemed a total write-off. However, we go beyond the immediate vehicle-related costs. We also factor in any loss of income you may have suffered due to the inability to meet business commitments, the cost of a hire vehicle while yours is being repaired or replaced, and the value of any personal items that may have been damaged in the collision. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all possible losses are taken into account, aiming to provide a thorough and accurate assessment of your rightful compensation.

Legal Representation: We provide legal representation for our clients in the Local, District and Supreme Court of New South Wales. Our solicitors are skilled advocates who will passionately represent your rights and interests. We strive to ensure that you are adequately compensated for the damages you have suffered.

What's Involved

The recovery of costs in motor vehicle collisions involves a detailed process of investigating the incident, identifying the at-fault party, determining the extent of damages, and advocating for our clients in court. This process can be complex, but our team of experienced solicitors works diligently to make it as seamless as possible for you.

While many believe that insurance will cover all the damages suffered in an accident, this is not always the case. For those who are not insured, or for whom the insurance premium is prohibitively high, our services prove to be particularly beneficial. Engaging Arida Lawyers can often be more cost-effective, ensuring that you receive comprehensive legal support and fair representation.

At Arida Lawyers, we work collaboratively with you, keeping you informed at every stage of the process. We approach each case with empathy, professionalism, and dedication, with a primary focus on your best interests.

Enjoy peace of mind with our free 10-minute, no-obligation consultation. At the free consultation stage, we will provide you with an estimate of the costs to assist you with your motor vehicle collision dispute and whether you qualify for our "No Win, No Fee" offer.* 

Contact us for a free consultation now on 1300 146 390 or email your enquiry to

*Please be aware that our decision to proceed with a case on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis is subject to our in-depth review of each individual case. We take into account various factors, including the circumstances of the collision, the parties involved, potential prospects of recovery, and the total claim amount, including any third-party claims. If our review suggests that the client may be at fault, that there are minimal or no prospects of recovery, or that the total claim amount exceeds $20,000.00 (either party), we may elect not to take on the case on a "No Win, No Fee' basis.  


Incident Details Form

Incident Details Form

To help us better understand your situation, to identify whether you qualify for our "No Win No Fee"* service, and to provide you with the best possible legal advice, please fill in the following details about the motor vehicle incident:

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