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Uncovering Unfair Trading Pitfalls

At Arida Lawyers, we appreciate the challenges associated with navigating the intricacies of Australian Consumer Law, particularly when it concerns unfair trading practices. This complexity often proves daunting to both individuals and businesses alike.

Unfair trading practices encompass any conduct in the sale and supply of goods and services that is dishonest or fraudulent, specifically designed to give one party an unjust advantage over another. These practices cover a broad spectrum including misleading and deceptive conduct, bait advertising, wrongly accepting payment, and making misleading representations about certain business activities. All these practices fall under the purview of the Competition and Consumer Act (Cth) 2010, a legislative framework established to protect consumers and promote fair trading in Australia.

Our dedicated team at Arida Lawyers leverages its experience and in-depth understanding of the Australian consumer Law to provide clear, practical, and timely advice. We stand ready to assist both consumers and businesses in comprehending and upholding their rights and responsibilities. Whether you believe you may have fallen victim to such unfair trading practices, or a claim has been mistakenly lodged against you, we're committed to providing the assistance you require.

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Unfair Trading Practices

Navigating the Australian Consumer Law complexities, particularly unfair trading practices, with tailored advice and committed representation by Arida Lawyers

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Our Services

At Arida Lawyers, we provide comprehensive services tailored to the needs of both consumers and businesses navigating the intricate terrain of unfair trading practices under Australian Consumer Law. Our services are carefully structured to cater to your unique circumstances.

For Consumers

Navigating the world of consumer rights can be complex and intimidating. Whether you've fallen victim to deceptive conduct or misleading advertising, or you're in need of representation for litigation, our services are designed to empower you and uphold your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Misleading and Deceptive Conduct: Assistance in instances where the conduct of a business may have created a false impression during the sale and supply of goods or services.

Bait Advertising: Support in cases where an advertisement for a product or service at a low price has been used as bait when the product or service is not actually available for sale.

Wrongly Accepting Payment: Legal advice in situations where a business has accepted payment for goods or services they did not intend to supply.

Advice on Prospects of Success: Transparent advice based on our understanding and experience with similar cases, helping you assess your prospects of success before moving forward with any legal action.

Letters of Demand: Preparing precise and assertive letters of demand to the supplier of the goods or services, demanding a refund or rectification of the situation.

Litigation Proceedings: Commencing litigation proceedings in the appropriate jurisdiction and providing legal representation to help realise your consumer rights.

For Businesses

Running a business comes with its fair share of challenges and responsibilities. Ensuring compliance with Australian Consumer Law, managing potential risks, or defending against claims can be daunting. Our services aim to support you in these areas, enabling your business to thrive in a fair and regulated environment.

Compliance with Australian Consumer Law: Our team is equipped to offer strategic advice on proactively managing risks and preventing potential breaches of Australian Consumer Law.

Dispute Resolution: We assist in managing and resolving disputes related to unfair trading practices, including but not limited to mediation and negotiation.

Defending Claims: Should you find yourself facing claims of misleading conduct, bait advertising, or wrongful acceptance of payment, we can provide competent representation and support.

Risk Management Advice: Our team is equipped to offer strategic advice on proactively managing risks and preventing potential breaches of Australian Consumer Law.

Preparing and Reviewing Terms and Conditions: We can assist in drafting comprehensive Terms and Conditions for your business transactions. Additionally, we offer services to review your existing terms and conditions, ensuring they do not contain any misleading or deceptive representations or amount to unfair trading practices.

Business Practices Advice: We provide advice on best practices businesses can implement to ensure they are not contravening Australian Consumer Law, helping you maintain a compliant and trustworthy operation.

Representation in Litigation: If litigation becomes necessary, we are prepared to provide legal representation to defend your business interests in court.

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