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Ensuring Business Compliance with Australian Consumer Law: A Strategic Approach

Updated: May 18, 2023

Regardless of whether a business is manufacturing, selling, or on-selling goods, businesses have a dual responsibility and advantage in operating within the boundaries of Australian Consumer Law. High-profile legal cases against non-compliant businesses continue to underscore the inherent risks in such practices. Beyond these publicised incidents, many businesses encounter setbacks due to inadequate preparation or compliance issues, potentially jeopardising their reputation and financial stability.

The focal point of relevant legislation is the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, Schedule 2, designed to safeguard consumers and compel fair business practices. The Australian Consumer Law outlines the rules and penalties pertaining to misleading and deceptive conduct, safety defects, and information misrepresentation. It encompasses consumer rights specifying a business' obligations concerning goods provision and supply; directives on what constitutes fair sales and business practices; insights on what makes a contract fair; and rules regarding unsafe products.

How can Arida Lawyers assist you in preventing and managing consumer disputes?

Most businesses aim to deliver quality, safe products that meet consumer needs. To assure compliance with Australian Consumer Law, these practices must be scrutinised to align with the law's specifications. Such assessment can best be accomplished with the assistance of our legal team at Arida Lawyers, who can provide expert advice on your operation's compliance.

However, businesses must not mistake perceived compliance as a legal safety net. Their terms and conditions, terms of business, service agreements, and contracts should be regularly reviewed to minimise risk and prevent contravention of the applicable legislation and regulations.

By leveraging legal services, small businesses can decrease the probability of disputes and enhance their chances of favourable outcomes if disputes do arise. These services can include:

  1. Drafting Terms & Conditions and Terms of Business to minimise the risk of disputes and ensure legal grounding in case of a dispute.

  2. Formulating Service Agreements that detail legally binding rights and obligations for both parties, protecting your interests.

  3. Offering advice and legal representation for consumers, dealers, and manufacturers related to defective motor vehicles.

  4. Providing advice and legal representation for consumers, suppliers, and manufacturers concerning goods and services.

  5. Representing clients at NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and NSW Courts.

For further information on the above services and their applicability to your situation, or to learn more about the legal services Arida Lawyers offer, contact us at 1300 146 390 or We offer complimentary consultations and can provide cost estimates and a fixed fee option for your peace of mind.

This article provides general information relevant to our expert services. It is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. If you are seeking legal advice, you should contact us for a free initial consultation.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

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