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Australian Consumer Law Compliance for Small Businesses

Businesses have both an obligation and a vested interest to operate within the bounds of Australian Consumer Law. This is the case whether they are manufacturing goods, selling goods to the consumer, or on-selling goods in a B2B context.

Prominent cases of legal action against businesses continue to raise awareness of the risks involved in noncompliant practices. On top of these well-known instances, many businesses are caught out due to a lack of preparation or non-compliance that may place them at reputational or financial risk.

The centrepiece of legislation that must be considered is the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, Schedule 2 which is designed to protect consumers and ensures businesses deals with consumers fairly. Australian Consumer Law outlines the rules and penalties for misleading and deceptive conduct, safety defects, and misrepresentation of information.

It consists of consumer guarantees that outline a business’ responsibilities in the provision and supply of goods; information on what constitutes fair sales practices and business practices; guidance on what constitutes a fair contract; and the rules and regulations around unsafe products.

How can Arida Lawyers support you before and during a consumer dispute?

Most businesses have the best of intentions when selling goods. They want to provide the consumer with a quality, safe product that will meet their needs.

To ensure compliance with Australian Consumer Law, these practices have to be reviewed to ensure that they are in line with the specifications of Australian Consumer Law. This may be best established with the help of a Parramatta Lawyer, such as Arida Lawyers, who can provide expert advice on whether your operations are compliant.

However, even when a business feels their operations are compliant, they cannot assume they have protected themselves from a legal perspective. Their terms and conditions, terms of business, service agreements, and contracts should be reviewed to minimise risk and ensure they are not in contravention of Australian Consumer Law.

A small business can reduce the likelihood of disputes and improve the likelihood of positive results if any disputes do arise by utilising legal services such as:

  • Preparation of Terms & Conditions and Terms of Business to reduce the risk of disputes arising and ensure legal grounding in the case of a dispute

  • Preparation of Service Agreements that outline legally binding rights and obligations for both parties, to ensure your interests are protected

  • Provision of advice and legal representation for consumers, dealers, and manufacturers relating to defective motor vehicles

  • Provision of advice and legal representation for consumers, suppliers and manufacturers regarding goods and services

  • Representation at NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and NSW Courts

For more information on our above services and how they may apply to your situation, or to find out more about our legal services in the fields of debt recovery and contract law, contact boutique Parramatta law firm Arida Lawyers by calling 1300 146 390 or emailing info@aridalawyers.com. Please note that we offer free consultations and can offer cost estimates and a fixed fee option for peace of mind.

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